"As a yoga instructor, Cat is exceptionally gifted. I've learned so much working with her over the past year, and that's after eight previous years of practice. Technically, she's amazing, like a walking yoga encyclopedia. Cat always reminds and encourages attention to form, and yet, she will never let you feel like you are doing something wrong. She simply challenges and guides everyone towards their own path to perfection. I love her happy and energetic presence, and I'm always impressed with her music selections. Cat has made yoga exciting for me!"

-Fred Critch


"Cat's teaching comes from her heart and that can't be taught! I have been practicing yoga for many years and Cat just gets it!! Her teaching style is effortless and her classes offer a challenging sequence interspersed with humor and levity. One is naturally drawn to Cat and her classes as she has an amazing spirit and innate thirst of knowledge for all things yoga. No class is ever the same, and for this reason, she always keeps me coming back for more :). She is passionate about yoga, but also realizes that it's just yoga, so who cares if you can't do a pose, just do what you can! The best compliment I can pay Cat is that she feels her yoga. To me, that is the highest compliment of all because, without feeling, one is just dialing it in, in yoga and in life!! In short, I love being in Cat's presence whether in the yoga studio or elsewhere!! Do yourself a favor and get to her class...you will feel great afterwards and keep coming back for more!"

 -Anita March


"Cat is the best yoga teacher I've ever had- and I've had several. Her instruction, enthusiasm, gentle demeanor, kind voice, encouragement, and adjustment of poses is excellent. She is such a calm presence and you immediately feel relaxed around her."

- Julie Bottger


"I only discovered Cat's yoga classes about 6 weeks ago, and she is just fantastic!  I am moving to Colorado in about a week, and when people ask me what I will miss most about Chicago, I say Cat's yoga classes! In the 6 weeks I have had with her, I have grown so much in my yoga practice. I am honestly so much stronger, and with her have gotten into poses I have never done before, I even went upside down on my own with her coaching.  Her yoga teaching style is by far the best I have ever had and I am so bummed to be leaving her, I can only imagine how far she would have brought me in another 6 weeks!  I hope to let her know how much me and the other people in her classes appreciate all she has done for us."

-Sarah Isola


"Brilliant! Really love Cat's classes, they are so focused and specific. She is continually checking back on posture, alignment and exercise intention. Great teacher and great fun! I want her legs!!!"

-Amber Dawn Ellis on Cat's AIR classes


"Cat is my very first yoga instructor, and she is just awesome. At the beginning of class she asks each student if we have any requests.  Having a very stiff body, I always ask for overall stretching.  I've been in her class for half a year, and my body became much more flexible. Her classes are both energizing and relaxing.  She has a spirit that makes me want to come back to her class."

- Aiko Sato


"Yoga without mindfulness is merely a workout session. Cat embraces the very spirit of mindfulness in her classes. Even though she has been at this for less than two years, Cat has the panache of a seasoned yoga instructor. With her calming voice and soothing instruction, she urges you to channelize your focus inward and on the breath. She very gently encourages you to push your limits till you surprise yourself with what you are capable of. She always takes individual requests from students and seamlessly incorporates them into the sessions. I am so glad she comes to teach classes in the building where I live!"

 -Kavya Mekala


"Yoga for me was always something I dabbled in, but never committed to. I would never, ever, have imagine myself as the type of person who would wake up at 6am to make a 7am yoga class. Ever since I started taking Cat's class, though, this is something that I do three times a week! She is an INCREDIBLE teacher. She possesses the perfect mix of patience and encouragement to make you achieve more in your practice. Cat's hands-on method corrects your postures so that you can start to feel what is the correct way to do poses. She makes sure to fit all levels, and will help you push yourself to achieve more flexibility and strength. She approaches teaching with a very calm and relaxing demeanor, but still challenges you to do your best. I have never had a yoga instructor that pays such close attention to each person's abilities and gives them such direct and useful feedback. You will definitely get addicted to yoga if you have an instructor such as Cat!"

-Katie Stevenson


"I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy yoga with Cat. In fact, I tell almost anyone who will listen about how fantastic her classes are! Although in theory I should begrudge getting to the gym by 7am on weekdays, I absolutely look forward to it and feel so much better aligned for my day. She is a wonderful teacher who guides my practice in all of the right ways - not to mention the much appreciated adjustments. Plus, her music selection is the Cat's pajamas!"

-Kate Sonka


"Great class and I'm sure I will feel the after burn tomorrow. The feedback from Allison's 900 North group was 'Awesome class, she is a great teacher.' You rocked it girlfriend. You were calm and confident and it resonated through the positive vibe you sent into the crowded room. We were all respectful of our neighbors and everybody left happy, fulfilled and taller! You are the best. Kudos to you. Your regulars just went with the flow and vibe."

-Jane Issac on a class with 40+ people on a Sunday morning at Equinox


"Cat has a gift.  She is amazing at both teaching and executing these stretches.  She also has a soothing demeanor and glowing personality.  She is perfect for a healing class.  She takes the time to show us both the correct way to execute a pose, and the wrong way. The differences were so subtle, like a slight hinge forward of the hips before folding over, but the results were like night and day.  She takes a lot of personal time with each of us, even if the class is very full.  She comes around often to adjust our poses and goes around 3 or 4 times to work us all on either side.  The knots she can work out in a just a few seconds using only her foot has GOT to be some form of witchcraft! Cat always puts us at ease and makes us feel very relaxed.  She constantly reminds us to breathe (which when holding a difficult pose I often forget to do!).  She offers us different options if a stretch is too hard, and ways to increase the stretch if we are executing it properly and want to take it a step further.  When I leave Cat’s class, I always feel so good that I have a goofy grin on my face for hours.  She has such an amazing memory too!  I love that at the beginning of her class, she goes around and ask each member’s name, if they have any injuries, and if there is any part of their body that is sore.  It is highly impressive, especially in a class size like that one.  I also enjoy that she turns off the lights for the last ⅓ of class and uses soothing, but never boring music.  It is a combination of feel good music and relaxing songs.  What a pro.  I only wish there were some sort of constructive criticism I could offer to Cat to help improve her class, but unfortunately all I can think of is to maybe watch the clock a little more closely, I think class let out 1 or 2 minutes late.  She is just fantastic!  Please offer more classes like this and more instruction from Cat.  Thank you!  (insert goofy grin for hours)"

-Anonymous client feedback for Cat's Knead to Stretch class at ENRGI Fitness


Phenomenal class! Cat really engages with members. She consistently fixes everyone’s posture. She is delicate and patient enough to work with every single person to ensure his/her form is proper. In addition, she provides an abundance of alternative options for people. She incorporates the yoga blocks and other tools. Cat provides great examples of what the movement is like and she walkes us step by step how to twist our bodies in certain positions. In addition, I like how she describes what the position isn’t like. She goes through the class and makes modifications for everyone. Cat goes above and beyond ensuring every member has proper form. I think that was the highlight of the class.

-Anonymous client feedback for Cat's Knead to Stretch class at ENRGI Fitness